Skinning Profession does not get Exp



March 21 2021 - 13:08 PM

Character: Anima, Human Hunter, Alliance, Level 11

While skinning now can be learned, it does not get any points from skinning enemies that provide skins, leathers and hides. maybe it should be noted that i also directly learnd the cataclysm skinning and maybe this somehow disrupts that. But no, after unlearning the skinning profession and just learning cataclysm one it still happens the same. also if the base level of an enemy of this region is beyond starting capability of skinning, you wont be able to skin it, since you dont progress with the skill at all.

Also, somehow when learning skinning, the max EXP for it is directly 300, not 75 as normalyit should be.


Step for reproduction: Just kill any animal in any early starting region (goldshire, Darkshore, etc) and skin it. the Leathers will get awarded if succesful but not EXP gainer, and also if the base level of an enemy of this region is beyond starting capability of skinning, you wont be able to skin it, as mentioned above.



March 21 2021 - 14:24 PM

Edit, Skinning does seem to get EXP, but the only way its visible is to look at the coloring of the "skinnable" Tag as seen in following screenshot.

Not even the Chat Log shows the exp gained by skinning.



March 21 2021 - 15:54 PM


Nope, waws mistaken, the skinning skill still does not rise up and some enemies cant even be skinned even though the Tag indicates it should be possible.

See Screenshot:



March 28 2021 - 21:38 PM

Same with Fishing.  Also so far I have found it impossible to train cooking from ANY trainer on the Horde side.  The Mining Trainer in Org doesn't work but the one in Razor Hill does.  On the plus side we can mine ore from a mount without getting knocked off.  



May 21 2021 - 23:45 PM

my skinning does not level either, fishing and cooking do up to 300, used book for 375 in cooking but did not get cap raised. 

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