Asmongold's transmog competition

May 4, 2021, 10:22 am

Greetings everybody! Nextweek we will be holding event called "Asmongold's transmog" competition. Scheduled event will be held on Thursday at 19:00 ETC next week. For this event, at least 5 players must be competing. If there will be less than 5 players, rewards will be price pool instead. If there will be more than 5 players, we will try doing commentary too!
+Bonus event
Once we reach 20 players at one time on server, we will give out one equipment item to everybody online at that time! (Once a week on first day each week it happens. Week will be Saturdays through Fridays.)

Best transmog will be chosen by players themselves.

Reward for the first place will be 2 equipment items of your choosing and mount!
Reward for the second place will be 2 equipment items!
Reward for the second place will be 1 equipment item!

If you'd like prize pool instead of equipment react :warrior: , if you want to keep it to equipment items react :100: .
React in Discord please! With best regards Voozie!
With best regards Voozie!

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