April 26, 2021

Minimal Client This client isready to go. Just unzip. Then Run Arctium Launcher and log into game.

rar file 2.4 gb

Arctium Launcher Use this if you already have client version 905. Place in your main wow folder.

Arctium Launcher

905 Full Client Torrent Download.

1: Download file from torrent like you normally would.
2: Once torrent is done go find where the file is.
3: Right click file and go to properties
4: Untick read only and press apply to all sub folders.
5: Make sure it worked because sometimes it can be funny so repeat all these once more to make sure.

Check Discord

If you have 902 already. Just replace your wow.exe with this one and run it to update your game. then close and use teh new arctiumlauncher above.

905 wow.exe







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